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You need to keep your heating appliances in top shape if you want them to serve you for years. But don’t worry! We know everything about them. We have 20 years of experience in heating maintenance and service so you can safely place your trust in us. Your boiler won’t break with proper maintenance and we can help you with that. We use modern technology and techniques to bring you the best results. Our well-trained staff knows exactly what to do and how to manage their work no matter if it’s something large or small. We understand you depend on your boiler daily and you don’t want any discomfort that breakage could bring you. That’s why we offer you fast and reliable services to prevent this.

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How do we do it?

Are you curious what happens when we take care of your boiler? We can explain it to you. First, we check the boiler, flame, and flue visually. Then, we do a pressure check and heat output check. We increase the pressure if that’s necessary. We make sure the case is sealed properly so that gas doesn’t escape from the boiler. We also check if the main components function well. If required, we clean parts inside the boiler. After that, we provide you with a gas safety report (CP12) that contains the results of the pressure testing. Additionally, we save a copy of the CP12 on our system in case you lose your copy. Finally, we make note of the due date of the next service to contact you at least a month before it.


With all that you can be calm about your boiler. It will work perfectly after we finish checking it and you can enjoy hot water all the time. We understand that it’s important that you stay warm during autumn and winter so we make sure your boiler doesn’t fail you when you need it.

Depending on the size of your house, installation should take a few days. If you have a bigger house you might want to think about zoning heating controls for better energy efficiency. They will divide your home into different heating zones. Each floor will be treated as a separate heating zone and heated at certain times of the day. When the house is empty or if you have family members who are home only from time to time, heating in these parts of the house can be turned off completely. You’ll be the one regulating how much heat you need.

Gas safety

If you need to check your gas appliances, we can help you with that as well. We do full gas safety checks in houses to make sure everything is safe to use. We check appliances for gas tightness and check standing and working pressure. We also check if the ventilation is proper and look for any evidence of dangerous operation. You can be sure that your house will be fully functioning when it comes to gas safety.

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